Helldivers 2 Now Kicks Inactive Players, Server Capacity Increased in Latest Patch 1

Developer Arrowhead Studios is fighting back the fires in Helldivers 2, the co-op shooter that's blown up in the weeks since launch. As part of this push to accommodate the vast volume of players, a recent update to the game made it so that any players sitting idle for a certain length of time will be kicked from the game. This reduces queue times by removing inactive players and letting in fresh faces.

However, to further meet demand, the latest patch for the game increases the server load. Now, up to 700,000 players can be playing Helldivers 2 at any given time β€” a huge boost from where it started. Between this capacity increase and the aforementioned kicking feature, you should be getting into the game much faster.

Having said that, Johan Pilestedt, Arrowhead's top dog, has warned the team expects to reach that new concurrent player cap. He says "wait times will be much more bearable", though, and the studio will be "doing some final improvements for the weekend".

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[source x.com]