Helldivers 2 Is 'Blowing Through Estimates', Around 1 Million Sales In Less Than a Week 1

Across its opening weekend, it's clear that Helldivers 2 has been a big success. There are some launch period fires to put out, and developer Arrowhead is working on it, having already released patches for across PS5 and PC. However, despite the early issues, the co-op shooter has made a splash, quickly becoming Sony's biggest Steam launch to date. If you're wondering how sales are going, we don't have a precise figure, but Arrowhead's CEO has provided some encouraging insight on social media.

Johan Pilestedt, who also serves as creative director on Helldivers 2, responded to discussion about the game's performance on Steam's charts, stating the game has so far sold "around a million" copies over the last few days. When asked if Sony will make a statement on the game's sales, Pilestedt said it's "hard to say", but that the game is "blowing through estimates" at the very least.

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It's yet more proof the game is doing far better than expected, and the reception seems extremely positive, so it would seem it's well deserved. Are you enjoying Helldivers 2 so far? Join the fight in the comments section below.

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