Foamstars, the not-as-bad-as-everyone-would-have-you-believe multiplayer shooter from Square Enix, is soon to enter its second season. Starting on 8th March, season two is titled Groovy Disco, and it brings with it a bunch of treats, most notably a brand new playable character.

Coiff Guy is his name, and you can see some brief snippets of his gameplay in the above trailer. You'll be able to unlock him in the season pass at tier 31, or if you buy the premium pass, you'll have access to him immediately.

However, he's not the only reason to play Groovy Disco. The new season adds new PvE missions for some co-op action, and a series of limited time events will come to the game during the course of the season too. These include two ranked modes — 1v1 and team-based — as well as Happy FriYAY Party, which lets you try out the new Foamstar coming in season three. Furthermore, Extreme Party has two bonus modes to play — All Coiff Guy Party, which is self-explanatory, and Super Duel Party, which is a 1v1 mode.

If you're at all curious to play Foamstars, it's worth remembering it's currently part of PS Plus Essential's monthly games. If you're subscribed at any tier, you can claim the game at no extra cost and give it a whirl. It'll be leaving the service come 5th March, so add it to your library while you can.

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