Foamstars PS5 PS4

Foamstars will be available for all PS Plus Essential members later today, but the online foam game won't be rewarding you with a Platinum Trophy once you've earned 100 per cent completion. Just like the upcoming Tomb Raider I-III PS5, PS4 remasters, Foamstars has chosen not to bother with the top gong in Sony's Trophy system. This is not a case of issues with bundled collections preventing additional Platinum Trophies, however. The developer just... isn't bothering.

You can check out the full list now on Exophase, which consists of just 12 Trophies. You shall unlock a digital trinket for winning a match in each of the three rounds, then for performing specific feats like foaming up an enemy and chilling 10 opponents. Once you've completed a squad mission on the normal and hard difficulties, and reached level 25, you're done! It'll display 100 per cent on your PS5 Profile, but there'll be no Platinum Trophy shining beside it.

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Does this bother you, or do you just not care at all? Let us know in the comments below.