Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's PS5 Disc Labels Are Wrong in Japan, Asia 1

Between them, Square Enix and Sony have managed to mess up one of the biggest PS5 releases of the year. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, as you’re no doubt already aware, ships on two discs. As with its predecessor, you’ll use the Data Disc to install the requisite data required to run the game, and the Play Disc to, well, actually play it.

Except in all Asian editions of the game, including Japanese copies, the discs have been mislabelled, meaning you’ll need to install the game with the Play Disc and play it with the Data Disc.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's PS5 Disc Labels Are Wrong in Japan, Asia 2

It’s a colossal cock up, and one that Square Enix is pinning specifically on Sony’s shoulders. “We have confirmed that the disc surface printed on the disc and the content on the disc are incorrect due to a manufacturing defect at Sony Interactive Entertainment,” the publisher said in a statement, before apologising for the inconvenience.

Obviously, this doesn’t prevent the title from being playable in its entirety, but not everyone keeps tabs on the latest gaming news, and this is definitely going to cause confusion. Of course, with millions of copies already produced, it’s far too late to start over, so Square Enix is going to have to be prepared to deal with lots of confused customers right across the region.