Sifu Tease

It's widely believed that Sifu developer SloClap is done with the game — after 18 months of fantastic post-launch support, we should add — and so this new message posted to the title's social media accounts has raised some eyebrows.

"It's that time of the year again, and we have quite a few surprises to share with you in the coming days and weeks..." it says. Sifu will celebrate its second anniversary on the 10th February, and that's apparently when things are kicking off. Hmmm.

So what does SloClap have in store? Well, maybe Sifu is getting additional updates — maybe the game's ongoing popularity has encouraged the studio to continue support. Or perhaps, without wanting to spark too much speculation, we're getting a sequel...? It wouldn't come as a huge surprise, given Sifu's success.

Or it could just be that merchandise is in the works, or that there's going to be a community art contest. We don't know, but taking this kind of teasing into account, we're leaning towards this being something fairly significant.

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