The Thaumaturge is an upcoming isometric RPG that's caught our eye with its intriguing alt-history setting, concerned with demonic beings called salutors, and coming to PS5 sometime in 2024. It takes place in Warsaw in 1905, and as a Thaumaturge, the player can commune with these dark entities in battle and out against the fearsome Russian Okhrana (the Tzar's secret police), who controls the streets with an iron fist.

It seems like a reasonably exciting blend of mechanics from traditional JRPGs and CRPGs (which you don't often see) combined with a setting reminiscent of the ambitious yet underappreciated Vampyr. The salutors are another interesting element, like Persona's, but with that dark, Polish folklore influence that makes The Witcher's setting so refreshing.

What do you think of The Thaumaturge? Does the mix of folklore, a pre-modern setting, and a blending of mechanics intrigue you? Let us know in the comments section below.