Street Fighter 5 PS4 PlayStation

For those of you too young to remember, almost eight years ago to the day, Street Fighter 5 launched in 2016 in a somewhat lacking state. To be clear, what was there was great, as we noted at the time, but the small roster of characters (16 at launch) or dedicated single-player game modes was certainly noteworthy. Capcom regrets the entire affair, apologising all these years later for having "betrayed" players' expectations.

SF5's eighth anniversary must have the developers feeling nostalgic, posting a Japanese-language Tweet reflecting on the mistakes made and the eventual trials that were overcome. The roster of playable characters gradually increased to a total of 45, and numerous improvements have been made to the game, with the addition of abilities like V Skills/Trigger II and V Shift. To this day, several hundred thousand players continue to play despite the flashier Street Fighter 6 being an option.

Did you play Street Fighter 5 back at launch? What are your memories of how the game was received? Reminisce about the good old days in the comments section below.