If you’ve had your head turned by the excellent Tekken 8 recently, then allow Street Fighter 6 to turn it back. This full gameplay trailer for upcoming DLC addition Ed goes hard, showcasing his psycho power-imbued boxing beatdowns.

“Ed is a high-speed boxer. We designed his lower half so that you can clearly see his nimble footwork and added some volume to his upper body to make his punches look impactful,” Game Director Takayuki Nakayama told the PS Blog. “To respect his background as a traditional boxer, all his attacks are now punches (except for his Level 2 Super Art).”

The key to Ed’s combat system is his Psycho Snatcher, which allows him to generate tendrils of energy which pull in opponents, setting up wildly satisfying combos. In his Level 3 Super Art, he ties his adversary up like a punching bag, and then proceeds to smack them up for massive damage. As with the rest of Street Fighter 6, it all looks like fist-pumping fun.

The new challenger will be accompanied by the Ruined Lab stage, which will be available at no extra cost for Ultimate Pass owners. And Ed will have a second unlockable costume, inspired by his threads from Street Fighter 5. All of this new content will be available from 27th February, along with a few improvements to Photo Mode and more. Who’s ready for the next battle, then?

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