Earth Defense Force 6 Release Date Delay

The next instalment in D3 Publisher's insane Earth Defense Force series, Earth Defense Force 6, has been hit with a delay here in the West. Previously, the madcap shooter was locked in for the 14th March, but now it's targeting a somewhat vague summer 2024 launch. A bit of a shame, seeing as the game's been out in Japan since 2022!

Still, we're sure the EDF faithful won't mind waiting a bit longer. This is the first EDF title to be developed natively for PS5, so we're expecting an unprecedented amount of chaos when blasting giants ants, evil intergalactic robots, and everything in between. And hey, at least we've got Helldivers 2 to hold us over until the time comes.

Were you looking forward to Earth Defense Force 6 next month? Head back to the barracks in the comments section below.