Dragon's Dogma 2 Photo Mode

Dragon's Dogma 2 will have a photo mode — and it looks brilliantly in-depth. The news comes via the game's official Japanese Twitter account, which has posted a new screenshot of the mode in action. It boasts a bunch of different settings to play around with, and should prove to be popular given how dynamic the action RPG's gameplay appears to be.

The first Dragon's Dogma actually had a photo mode as well, in case you've forgotten. Photo modes were a lot less common back then — no share button on PS3, remember — so it was something of an oddity. It also didn't work very well, as there were no options to move the camera or toggle any visual elements.

A proper photo mode is something to celebrate in the sequel, then. Be prepared to see countless shots of hilariously designed pawns, moments of utter combat-based chaos, and unsettling close-ups of monster models.

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