Dragon Ball FighterZ's PS5 Trophies Tease Imminent Arrival of Super Saiyan Port 1

Update: Following the Trophy list posting earlier today on Exophase, Bandai Namco has now confirmed Dragon Ball FighterZ will be treated to a PS5 version as soon as midnight tonight in your local time zone. The game's out tomorrow, 29th February 2024, and the current-gen version will be sporting rollback netcode. It's a free PS4 to PS5 upgrade for anyone who owns the original version.

Original story: We know a PS5 version of sublime anime brawler Dragon Ball FighterZ is incoming with rollback netcode, but publisher Bandai Namco has yet to announce a release date. The company did run a PC-based beta test late last year, however, and now it looks like the conversion could be close, as its Trophies have started to appear on Sony’s servers.

There are no secrets in the list, as it’s identical to the PS4 version, but its appearance suggests a launch may be imminent. This’ll be a free upgrade if you already own the title, and is unlikely to pack too many improvements beyond that all-important addition of rollback – but if you’re still regularly playing the fighter, especially online, then you’re going to want to download this enhanced edition.

[source exophase.com]