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Spotted by our sister-site Nintendo Life, publisher Capcom is currently holding what it's calling "Super Elections", asking fans and players for their feedback relating to its lineup of games and offering eligibility for various prizes (Capcom wood badge set, a key art catalogue, and Capcom Hanafuda) for taking part. It's pretty cute stuff for the most part, but some questions certainly stand out.

One asks fans which Capcom franchise they would most like to see receive a sequel or spin-off, reaching deep into the back-catalogue for series' seriously in need of successors. Some IP listed include Okami, Dino Crisis, Darkstalkers, Dead Rising, Breath of Fire, Mega Man, Ghosts 'n Goblins, and more. As Nintendo Life points out, we probably shouldn't get too worked up, as franchises that are currently killing it, like Resident Evil and Monster Hunter, were also listed.

Another asked which of Capcom's games most deserve to be remade entirely using modern technology. Some options included the first three Mega Man and Onimusha games, Rival Schools, Final Fight, Breath of Fire 1 and 2, and early Ace Attorney titles.

What do you think of Capcom's "Super Elections", and will you participate? Which of Capcom's storied IPs is most deserving of revisiting? Let us know in the comments section below.

[source captown.capcom.com, via nintendolife.com]