Artificial intelligence is a real hot button topic at the moment. As huge strides in the technology are made seemingly every day, concerns about how it'll be used and abused remain unanswered. As we navigate this tricky time, then, it's inevitable that it'll inspire creative works — such as Ctrl Alt Deal, for instance.

This upcoming PS5 and PS4 indie title takes a satirical look at AI and the potential for greedy corporations to exploit it. It's a turn-based strategy game in which you play as a sentient AI that's trying to escape the evil company that made it in the first place. Without a physical presence, you'll need to observe, persuade, and otherwise manipulate the business' human workers in order to get away.

It works on a card-based system that gives you various ways to interact with human characters. Perhaps they simply want a particular item, or maybe they have ambitions they want to fulfil; using your AI abilities on these cards, your best chance at escape is to help, and negotiate with, the people around you. However, doing so might make you look suspicious. If you're found to be sentient, you'll be deleted.

It's a really interesting premise and has a neat neo-future aesthetic. The jury is still out on how it all feels to play, and whether the satirical story holds true, but there's some promise here. There's no date on the game just yet, but it's confirmed for PS5 and PS4.

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