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Some 700 unionised Ubisoft employees downed (development) tools in France, walking off the job in a day of organised strike action. Following the collapse of annual salary negotiations, on Valentine's Day, workers from Ubisoft Paris, Montpellier, Lyon, Annecy, and Bordeaux took part, taking to the streets in the time-honoured French tradition.

The strike was orchestrated by the French game workers union STJV (Syndicat des Travailleurs et Travailleuses du Jeu Vidéo), announced at the beginning of February after negotiations with management failed to achieve the desired results (thanks Eurogamer). STJV alleges that Ubisoft offered wage "increases "below inflation for the second year in a row", declaring that the company was hiding behind a "purely arbitrary cost reduction policy".

STJV documented the strike on social media, recording that almost 700 employees turned out. It remains to be seen how the powers that be respond to the developing situation or whether further will become necessary. The industry remains exceedingly volatile, with employees increasingly fearful of job security and more chaos expected as the year continues.

What do you think middle management does while staff are striking? Do they wander empty offices, trying to look useful? Let us know in the comments section below.

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