There are plenty of PlayStation fans clamouring for a true Vita successor, and while the Portal is a nifty gadget, it's not exactly the same thing. YouTube channel DIY Perks argues that Sony has everything it needs to craft a portable PS5 tablet contained within the console itself, voiding at least one warranty to prove it.

Using technology and expertise indistinguishable from dark sorcery (to our eye), DIY Perks Frankensteins the redesigned, smaller PS5 motherboard with a custom heat sink design, 3D-printed plastics, and a gorgeous OLED screen. The process apparently took weeks, using knowledge and skills developed over a lifetime, so maybe don't try this one at home unless you fancy yourself something of an S-rank solderer.

It's a pretty incredible feat, and the form factor is quite appealing. DIY Perks suggests that the reason we haven't seen anything like this kind of product before is the question mark it presents. Would it sell? How much is an appropriate price, and is there an audience for it? These are questions we hope Sony finds answers to in the future, and in the meantime, we can always dream.

What do you think of DIY Perks' wonderful creation? Does it inspire to pop the screws off your own PS5? Would you purchase a portable PS5 tablet if such a thing were to go to market? Let us know in the comments section below.