Yes, Suicide Squad's PS5 Platinum Will Require You to Kill the Justice League 1
Image: Push Square

Put any sentimentality aside: Rocksteady really will insist you kill the Justice League if you want to unlock Suicide Squad’s seemingly accessible PS5 Platinum Trophy. Obviously, it’s the subheadline of the game so there are few surprises here, but you’ll earn gongs for offing the likes of Batman, Superman, and the Green Lantern.

Elsewhere, you’ll need to solve at least 21 of the Riddler’s Riddles, and reach max level with all four launch characters – including Harley Quinn. You’ll also need to finish at least 100 Support Squad Contracts, which could potentially prove time consuming. While the list doesn’t look especially difficult at first glance, it could potentially take a long time.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is due out later this week, but we’re still awaiting review access – along with most major sites, like IGN. As such, perhaps don’t expect us to post a review on launch day, because we’ll want to properly put this title through its paces before bringing you a definitive verdict.