Upgraded PS5 Controller with Hugely Improved Battery Life Spotted 1
Image: Push Square

An improved, upgraded version of the PS5’s excellent DualSense controller appears to have leaked on Best Buy Canada’s website. The listing for the product, titled ‘PS5 v2 DualSense Wireless Controller’, promises the same features and functionality as the existing version, but also touts “exceptional 12-hour battery life”. The current version of the pad lasts around three to six hours on a single charge, depending on the game you’re playing.

Upgraded PS5 Controller with Hugely Improved Battery Life Spotted 2
Image: Push Square

The product listing also mentions that the DualSense Charging Station is included for easy “click-in charging”, and fans have also noticed that the dimensions of the packaging may be smaller than the existing device. Obviously, this will make logistics more manageable for Sony, but doesn’t really mean much for the end consumer.

The controller has an $89.99CAD fee attached, which is the same price as current non-coloured versions of the peripheral, suggesting the improvements outlined above won’t incur an increased cost. Obviously, we’ll check with Sony to try and learn more about this upgraded pad – assuming it’s not an erroneous listing by Best Buy Canada in the first place.

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