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The price of Unity Software's surreal own goal last year was being felt after the next stage in its "company reset" mandate was revealed. The company said (in regulatory filing and internal company memo on Monday) it would target laying off approximately 25% of its workforce, some 1,800 jobs, across all business areas. Following the announcement, shares in the company went up almost 5% in after-hours trading.

Reuters reports the sorry state of affairs, which will be the San Francisco-based tech company's largest-ever round of layoffs, expected to be completed by March. What effect this reduction will have on the industry at large remains to be seen; more than a million game creators use the company's expansive software toolkit each month.

Unity made the fateful announcement late last year, reaping the whirlwind and burning much of the company's goodwill with the development community over a contentious "installation fee" scheme. Then-CEO John Riccitello fell on his sword, retiring over the debacle and being succeeded by James M. Whitehurst. Whitehurst announced the company flensing back in November, and this latest round of layoffs is only part two of a three-part plan.

Once again, employees are made to pay for management's mistakes, but it's rare to see it on such a horrifying scale. As always, our best to everyone affected, and we hope that the dire economic situation in the industry stabilizes soon.