RoboCop Rogue City Update

Last year's RoboCop: Rogue City didn't appear on many Game of the Year lists, but plenty of people think it should have. The deliberately pulpy shooter, which manages to capture the tone of the original RoboCop movies rather well, has quickly become known as an underrated excursion — and it sounds like a big update it planned for the relatively near future.

"Many citizens have been asking about a New Game + for RoboCop: Rogue City. We've heard you," says the game's official Twitter account. "So stay tuned for more information on this topic in the weeks to come. Until then: Stay out of trouble."

Rogue City has a bunch of a RPG elements that would perfectly lend themselves to a New Game + mode, letting you carry over all of your character progress to a fresh playthrough. For example, you can level up RoboCop's various attributes in order to tackle certain missions in different ways, and weapons have a branching upgrade system.

Would you blast through RoboCop: Rogue City via New Game +? Could a big update like this convince you to give it a shot in the first place? Remember to reload in the comments section below.