Ultrawings PSVR2

Ultrawings 2 released on PSVR2 last Friday, except it wasn't supposed to, and its own developer had no knowledge of it either. Available now on the PS Store for £15.99 / $19.99, Bit Planet Games was just as surprised to see its game live on the storefront, and it's currently trying to work out how such a thing happened.

Summarised in a Kotaku article, the PSVR2 title was originally slated to launch for the headset late last year, but those plans "went down in flames" in mid-December so an "early" release in 2024 was communicated without an exact date. That fast-forwards us to this weekend when the game all of a sudden appeared on the PS5 marketplace. Speaking to the outlet, the studio speculates this may have been due to a release date mixup on the PS Store's backend, but "we don’t think Sony accidentally released the game".

The good thing is if you've already bought Ultrawings 2, then it doesn't sound like you've paid for a busted version. What is available now is close to what Bit Planet Games intended to ship, and a day one patch should follow in the next few days. An impressions thread is currently up on Reddit, and buyers' impressions are mostly positive. So, while this isn't quite what Bit Planet Games intended, it sounds like Ultrawings 2 is still in acceptable shape for an early launch.

Have you been playing Ultrawings 2 since its unexpected PSVR2 shadow drop last week? Share your initial thoughts in the comments below.

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