Skull and Bones finally seems ready for a PS5 launch next month, so Ubisoft is strutting its usual stuff by sharing what there is to look forward to after release. The publisher has committed to at least one year of post-launch support, which will be spread across four seasons: Raging Tides, Chorus of Havoc, Into the Dragon's Wake, and Shadows of the Deep.

Each season will be delivered free of charge and last for 12 weeks, and consist of "dynamic changes in the world, new events, legendary rivals, and challenges for players to participate in". You'll essentially be working towards battling and taking down a new legendary pirate each season, including Philippe La Peste, the Hubac Twins, and Li Tian Ning. They are all viewable in the trailer above, which also highlights global leaderboards that reward you with new items depending on your position.

If you want to try before you buy, a Skull and Bones open beta will be available from 8th February to 11th February. You'll be able to carry your progression into the full game, and crossplay will also be available. The title then launches on 16th February 2024. Will you want to play Skull and Bones for a year past its release date? Let us know in the comments below.