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Peacock's surprisingly decent Twisted Metal adaptation has been confirmed for a second season, and the comedy series is taking the opportunity to introduce some fan-favourite characters. Calypso, the sadistic creator of the Twisted Metal tournament, will make his debut alongside playable characters from the series, like Axel, Dollface, and Mr. Grimm.

Word comes to us from NBC Insider by way of Bloody Disgusting, where showrunner Michael Jonathan Smith teased a few interesting tidbits to come. Smith is particularly excited by the inclusion of the motorcycle-riding competitor, Mr. Grimm, who may or may not be the reaper of souls: "[Grimm] is my favourite, and I'm excited to capture what the fans are excited about seeing, but also [answering the question of]: 'How does he exist in the world we've set up?"

Nearer and much dearer to this humble scribe's heart is the ridiculous, horrifying character of Axel, who, if you didn't know, is exceedingly aptly named. Fusing himself between a set of modified tractor wheels as penance for failing to stop the murder of his wife, it remains to be seen how the ludicrous character will be implemented. Smith promises that the same reverence reserved for Sweet Tooth will be used in bringing the tortured competitor to life, affirming: "We have to get Axel right".

Are you a fan of Peacock's Twisted Metal adaptation? Are you excited to see more of the franchise's colourful cast of characters getting in on the action next season? Let us know in the comments section below.