Tekken 8 Trophy List
Image: Push Square

The Trophy list for Tekken 8 has been made public (as per PSNProfiles, watch out for spoilers), and it looks to be rather straightforward. It's one of those 'do a bit of everything' lists, and none of the gongs are particularly difficult — although some of them require more time investment than others.

A large chunk of Trophies are tied to single-player modes, like The Dark Awakens story campaign and Arcade Quest — essentially rewarding you for making progress. Elsewhere, there are a handful of online-specific trinkets, but none of them demand any degree of grinding. You simply have to win one Ranked Match and one Group Match.

The only Trophies that might prove slightly tricky are the gameplay-specific ones, but we're betting that most players will just pick these up naturally. For what it's worth, we unlocked around 80% of Tekken 8's Trophies while reviewing the game — and we had no knowledge of the actual requirements during that time.

Will you be hunting for Tekken 8's Platinum Trophy? We'll meet you online for that single ranked match in the comments section below.

[source psnprofiles.com]