Star Wars Outlaws PS5 PlayStation

Star Wars Outlaws is one of the more intriguing pieces of media set in that galaxy far, far, away, seemingly designed to draw in lapsed fans of a particular vintage like ourselves. It takes place in the fertile space between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, concerned with the seedier, less sterile corners of the universe, and follows an outlaw from the Outer Rim named Kay Vess.

Speaking to GamesRadar+, Ubisoft Massive creative director Julian Gerighty discussed how reputation is everything in the intergalactic underworld of Star Wars Outlaws. Players can guide Vess to become a lovable rogue like Han Solo, or a ruthless mercenary like Boba Fett, depending on preference: "As a scoundrel, you live and die by your reputation, meaning that Kay will have to navigate the underworld and its various crime syndicates, making choices that will impact her reputation, her experience, and her support throughout the game."

Star Wars Outlaws aims to tell a tighter narrative tale, which sounds like a refreshing change from Remedy's more open and, at times, meandering Star Wars Jedi games. Like those games, Massive has confirmed there will only be one ending to Outlaws, meaning the effects of this reputation system will be felt in-game and not just affect an outcome. Gerighty elaborates: "A good reputation could lead to some of the most lucrative opportunities, and a bad reputation could result in [Kay Vess] facing a syndicate's wrath as they hunt her down."

Players can expect to visit the iconic hives of scum and villainy made famous across the Star Wars series, making a tour of Tatooine and Jabba's Palace a necessity. New locations, such as the moon of Toshara, have been created specifically for the game and will offer unique biomes and stories to uncover.

Star Wars Outlaws is out sometime (potentially "late") in 2024 on PS5, which would make sense for a big-ticket IP like Star Wars. How are you feeling about Star Wars Outlaws? Let us know in the comments section below.