Spanish Sales of PS Portal Are Gaining On PSVR2 1
Image: Push Square

A new report from Gamereactor covers Spain's final two weeks of software and hardware sales in 2023, and it looks as though Sony's divisive PS Portal is doing alright for itself. In fact, a comparison with PSVR2 suggests it's becoming the country's PS5 companion of choice.

The article states that PSVR2 has so far sold about 20,000 units in Spain since launch, shifting a thousand in 2023's closing fortnight. PS Portal, meanwhile, has moved about 10,000 units thus far, but in those same two weeks, managed about 3,500 sales. So, while the PSVR2 has been around a little longer and accumulated a larger overall total, the PS Portal — in Spain, at least — appears to be gaining on it.

This seems to track with other reports that the Remote Play-only device is selling better than most expected. The Portal sold out in just a couple of days when it launched, and became the USA's fourth best-selling hardware in November. In fact, it was in Spain that the device outsold the Xbox Series consoles during its launch.

Clearly there's an appetite for playing PS5 away from the TV, and from our own testing, it does its job very well indeed:

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