Sony has gotten in contact with Bloodborne Kart developer Lillith Walther and forced a rebrand of the game in order to cut any official ties with the IP. Revealed in a new YouTube upload, it's stated the team needs to "scrub the branding off of what was previously known as Bloodborne Kart", which is forcing a "short delay" beyond the previously announced 31st January 2024 release date on PC.

Despite the setback, the studio is seeing the positive side, as it states: "The idea of having full creative control is kind of exciting!" An all-new release date will be communicated in due course following the rebrand, which will leave it looking "slightly different" after the expected talks with Sony.

While official Bloodborne names will have to be replaced, it doesn't sound like any of the actual content will be affected too much. It was confirmed the kart racer will ship with 12 racers, 16 tracks, a single player campaign to work through, and a few multiplayer modes. You won't be racing around Yharnam anymore, but perhaps a place that looks and sounds a lot like it.

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