Sony and PlayStation Studios have announced a partnership with Kojima Productions on a project titled (or at least codenamed) Physint. Going by how all of this is being framed, this is essentially a successor to Metal Gear — which is of course owned by Konami, and has nothing to do with Kojima anymore. The game is already being labelled "action-espionage" — a genre that was defined by the Metal Gear series, always subtitled 'tactical espionage action'.

"It will be a brand new, original IP," says Kojima. "A next-generation action espionage game."

He also confirms that active production will begin as soon as the studio is finished with Death Stranding 2, which is aiming for a 2025 release. In other words, it's going to be a while until we see anything of Physint.

And in classic Kojima fashion, this project is already raising a lot of questions. He states that it'll be a "movie" as well as a game, and will "transcend the barriers" between the two mediums. Sony's own Columbia Pictures is involved, so it's clearly investing a lot into whatever Physint ends up being.

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