Announced in August of last year, Expeditions is the next vehicle simulation game from the team behind MudRunner and SnowRunner. With the arrival of this latest trailer, we've got a fresh look at how this new title differentiates itself from its predecessors.

Rather than focus just on haulage, Expeditions takes a slightly different approach. It's based on the same physics simulation as the previous games, but is more focused on exploration and completing varied missions than just moving heavy things from A to B. You'll gradually build up a fleet of off-road vehicles to tackle the open world wilderness, using technology and upgrades to ensure you reach your destination in one piece.

Missions include buildings in need of repair, discovering hidden locations, surveying archaeological digs, gathering samples, and more. With maps based on Arizona and the Carpathian mountains, the game looks to have a little Death Stranding energy too; for example, you can construct bridges over rivers, throw down your own anchor points for winching, and use various vehicle-mounted gadgets.

It looks pretty promising, and it's only about five weeks away, launching on 5th March 2024. Are you excited for Expeditions? Park in the comments section below.