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Rocksteady co-founders Sefton Hill and Jamie Walker have announced the formation of a new development studio called Hundred Star Games, based in London. They've apparently amassed a staff of some 25 developers and aim to expand to a sustainable 100 "industry veterans and emerging talents", presumably putting them to work on something entirely new.

Word comes to us by way of Polygon, with the eagle-eyed outlet spotting Hill and Walker listed as directors of Hundred Star Games on corporate data website Endole. Reviewing LinkedIn profiles, Polygon says that a handful of lead developers and director-level ex-Rocksteady employees have already left the similarly London-based Arkham studio to see what this new outfit is cooking.

The company was incorporated back on 21st February 2023 and are currently hiring. Hundred Star Games also has a write-up on the UK workplace rating site, Great Places to Work, which reads: “Hundred Star Games is a video game start-up based in East London. Our ethos is of creating a small team of only 100 industry veterans and emerging talents, who are committed to crafting cutting-edge gaming experiences that inspire and captivate players worldwide."

Hill and Walker left Rocksteady partway through the development of the upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League in October of 2022 to "pursue a new adventure in gaming". The game was supposedly "nearly finished" back then and (barring another delay at the eleventh hour) is currently slated to launch at the end of the month, on 30th January, on PS5.

Are you excited to see Hill and Walker getting a new studio together? Do you think they will make games in a similar style as Rocksteady or take things in an all-new direction? Prognosticate in the comments section below.

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