Rock Band 4 PS4 PlayStation

Iconic multiplayer rhythm game Rock Band 4 is getting one final DLC offering, despite first launching on PS4 back in 2015. No specifics on what exactly the pack would entail were shared, but its out next week, on 25th January.

Harmonix shared the happy news in a press release, which reflects on the journey players and developers have shared over the years. Rest assured that, despite the game's venerable age, online play "will continue as normal" for the foreseeable future. Speaking to players who have already amassed sizeable audio collections, the developer said: "Many of you reading this own a good chunk of content, and we remain committed to protecting that investment - to be very clear, you can play the songs you own within Rock Band 4 for as long as you like."

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The developer has been working to make musical magic happen in Fortnite these last few years. Plans for both officially supported Rock Band instruments as well as licensed third-party gear for use in Fortnite Festival are already in the works.

What do you think of Rock Band 4 getting one final DLC all these years later? Will you be getting the old band back together for one last tour? Rock out responsibly in the comments section below.