Alisa: Developer's Cut has been announced for a PS5 and PS4 launch on 6th February, hearkening back to an era of tank controls and tight corners, a golden age for the genre that gave us Resident Evil and Silent Hill. If you think the kids these days could stand to learn a thing or two about true survival horror, then this acclaimed polygonal masterpiece was designed with you in mind.

Alisa follows the titular protagonist, who finds herself whisked away to a bizarre, Victorian-style mansion populated by mechanized dolls and much worse. Developed by Casper Croes and released on Steam in 2021, the game enjoys Very Positive Reviews, and this Developer's Cut contains all previously released new content and updates, as well as quality-of-life improvements.

What do you think of Alisa: Developer's Cut? Do you fancy a return to classic survival horror gameplay? Carefully conserve ammunition in the comments section below.