Random: Atelier Is Everywhere in Asia Right Now 1
Image: Push Square

Atelier is one of those niche PlayStation franchises that seems to get new entries annually but rarely makes a splash outside of its core community. That appears to be changing in Asia, however, where Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy and the Polar Night Liberator – yes, that’s really its name – appears to be blowing up big time.

Officially due out in 2024 in Western territories, the PC and mobile title is making a huge splash, winning Google Play’s Best of 2023 award – and getting a massive marketing push. These are some pictures we snapped around Taipei’s otaku-inhabited Ximen district, but you can also see it gracing bus liveries and more beyond.

Random: Atelier Is Everywhere in Asia Right Now 2
Image: Push Square
Random: Atelier Is Everywhere in Asia Right Now 3
Image: Push Square

The game itself follows the same format as its console counterparts, with an emphasis on alchemy and resource gathering. It’s been developed in collaboration between series creator Gust, Team NINJA, and mobile specialists Akatsuki Games. While there’s no word on a console release just yet, we’re starting to see other free-to-play mobile titles like this make the transition to PlayStation, so it’s possible.

In the meantime, the most recent traditional Atelier title on PS5 and PS4 is Atelier Marie Remake: The Alchemist of Salburg, a revamped version of the PS1 original. It’ll be interesting to see if the success of this mobile instalment sparks interest in the franchise’s mainline instalments moving forwards.