PS2 Anthology Is a Set of Books Chronicling the Entire History of the Console and Its Games 1
Image: Push Square

The PlayStation 2 is easily in contention for the title of best gaming system in history, so it makes sense to celebrate it in a suitably epic series of books. Simply titled PlayStation 2 Anthology, this upcoming tetralogy aims to tell the console's entire story across four volumes, and you can back it on Kickstarter right now.

The project comes from the minds behind Geeks-Line, a publishing company focused on exploring the history of games and gaming hardware. There are similar books on their website about the PS1 and many other old systems, but the PS2 Anthology takes things a step further with a full four volumes dedicated to the machine.

According to the Kickstarter page, the tetralogy will cover everything, from the PS2's origins through to the end of its production, by which point it was (and remains) the best-selling console ever. Not only that, but the books will include reviews of its entire software library, meaning coverage of "over 4,420 unique games", which is frankly ridiculous. It's aiming to be the ultimate resource on the PS2.

By backing on Kickstarter, you can essentially secure your purchase of the whole collection or, if you prefer, you can pick and choose which volumes you want. Exclusive to the Kickstarter is a version that comes in a fancy collector's box and with four special dust covers depicting notable PS2 titles. The books are scheduled to release at the tail end of 2024.

It sounds like a very impressive piece of work, but what do you think? Will you be supporting the PS2 Anthology on Kickstarter? Play the boot sequence in your head in the comments section below.