Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown is a side-scrolling Metroidvania, which can be an intimidating genre for those unfamiliar with the format. Fortunately, publisher Ubisoft has incorporated a veritable suite of accessibility options, which will not only help those with disabilities – but also literally anyone who chooses to play the game.

The options range from difficulty sliders for individual gameplay elements, all the way through to visibility enhancements. Two headline features, however, include a Guided Mode which helps point you in the direction you need to go – and Memory Shards, which will allow you to mark areas of interest on your map, with a screenshot, so you know to return to them later.

These toggles and tweaks should help to make the game appealing and enjoyable to a much broader audience – and if you still want a challenge, don’t worry, everything can be turned off and disabled if you prefer. It’s all about options these days, and we’re really happy to see developers offering as many as possible.