Unicorn Overlord PS5 PS4 1

Vanillaware has dropped another Unicorn Overlord information dump ahead of its PS5, PS4 release in March, revealing you'll choose a party from over 60 class types and introducing some of the protagonist's friends and foes. Every single character you meet in the game will have a set class, weapons, skills, and traits, and then it shall be up to you to form a party that works.

Just a couple of examples include Housecarls (excellent physical attack, lowers enemy defences), Gladiators (can hit an entire enemy row), and Arbalists (can attack from the back row with crossbow bolts). There are then other classes like the Cleric, Wyvern Knight, Shaman, Elven Fencer, Werewolf, and the Featherbow. Some classes are stronger and weaker against others, so you'll need to first analyse the battlefield to work out who would fare best against the enemy.

As well as recruitable units, the protagonist will have some pre-set friends and enemies to call their own. Rosalinde, Etolinde, and Ithilion will fight alongside you to try and take back territory across Fevrith while Alicina and Baltro will attempt to halt your plight. You can see some of them in the pictures above.

The next game from 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim studio Vanillaware releases for PS5, PS4 on 8th March 2024, meaning it's out just after Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Will you find the time to play it? Select your classes in the comments below.