The Last of Us HBO

Nick Offerman was perfectly cast as Bill in the HBO adaption of The Last of Us, providing fans with a more nuanced look at the taciturn survivor in one of the season's standout episodes. The performance was so good it earned Offerman an Emmy, and he must have resonated with the role; he's already pitched HBO on a Bill and Frank spin-off series.

Following the Emmy Awards earlier this week, the Parks & Recreation actor was asked whether Bill or Frank would appear in the show's second season, perhaps in a flashback sequence. According to Deadline (thanks Kotaku), Offerman didn't offer any juicy exclusives but did say he'd had Bill on the mind, going so far as to approach HBO with a pitch and floating "a whole mini-series of a prequel of their lives before they met each other. It could be a musical. We're not short on ideas". Ultimately, Offerman says the decision is above his pay grade: "We'll just see what Craig [Mazin] and Neil [Druckmann] come up with."

Season 2 of The Last of Us begins filming imminently, previously delayed by the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. The Last of Us Part II's Lost Levels may be incorporated into the storyline, and Kaitlyn Dever is reportedly in talks for the role of Abby.

Would you be up for a Bill and Frank spin-off? We could see it, and it might even be an interesting way to address Joel and Tommy's darker days before the first game's events, which remains a fascinating story thread in desperate need of pulling. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.