The Witcher Corvo Bianco Comic

Dark Horse and CD Projekt Red have announced a new comic series based on The Witcher β€” or more specifically, the four-issue story takes place beyond the conclusion of Geralt's journey in The Witcher 3. In the game's Blood and Wine expansion, the grizzled monster slayer can end up owning an old vineyard, and this is key to the comic's story.

Titled The Witcher: Covo Bianco (Corvo Bianco being the name of the aforementioned vineyard), it sounds like Geralt's dream of enjoying a more peaceful life isn't going to plan. "With Yennefer at his side, one might hope that Geralt will truly get to enjoy a taste of the good life. But the stains of history are deep, and with blood and wine, every drop attracts those who want more," reads the official blurb. The first issue of Corvo Bianco is out on the 8th May.

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It's always interesting when a different type of media continues on from the story of a video game β€” but we suppose it's quite common for blockbuster properties. Let's just hope that Corvo Bianco does right by Geralt (and Yennefer).

Would you be up for this new Witcher series? Try making some wine in the comments section below.