If you want to partake in some Formula One-style racing, there's only really the officially licensed series from Codemasters to satisfy the itch. They're generally very good, but what if you fancied a version of the motorsport with less emphasis on simulating the real thing? In steps New Star GP, a promising-looking F1-inspired racer that strikes an interesting balance between arcade fun and sim aspects.

With visuals reminiscent of Virtua Racing, the game's driving model leans into simple, arcade handling, but there's more depth to the experience than it first appears. Before a race, you can choose how much fuel your car carries, as well as which tyres you want to start with. During the event, stuff like weather, tyre wear, fuel consumption, tyre temperature, and damage to your vehicle will all come into play, and you'll need to make pit stops to keep your car in good shape. So, while you'll use speed boosts to overtake opponents and speed around each circuit, there are some tactical choices to make and extra elements to keep in mind.

New Star GP has a full career mode starting in the 80s and working up through the decades. You'll upgrade your car and your team as you work your way up the ranks. Then there's a championship mode for more quick-fire play, split-screen multiplayer, and a whole host of customisation options for your car, driver, and custom championships.

It's heading to PlayStation (precise platforms not specified) in March of this year following a successful stint in early access. What do you think of New Star GP? Line up on the grid in the comments section below.