Burnout 3 PS2

Stellar Entertainment, the developer behind Burnout Paradise Remastered, could be teasing a new instalment in the car crashing franchise is in the works. Yesterday, the studio tweeted it wanted to share some "insider intel" in order to hint at what it's working on, with an image attached reading: "POV: You're about to be rear ended." Along with mentions of "take downs", these could be references to a new Burnout game, since the series is known for crashes and taking down rival cars.

In reference to the picture, the developer tweeted out: "Our way of giving you (kinda weird) insider intel about what we're working on, without actually telling you what we're working on..." It continued: "And the bosses *still* haven't issued any take downs! Happy days!"

Noticed by Eurogamer, Stellar Entertainment is currently hiring for a AAA arcade racing game built in Unreal Engine 5 for current-gen consoles and PC. It'll be "disrupting the racing scene" and is "approaching launch readiness". As well as remastering Burnout Paradise, the team also worked on Need for Speed Unbound and Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered. The series hasn't been seen since Paradise was remastered, though longtime fans continually ask for its comeback.

Are you one of those fans hoping for a new Burnout game to materialise? Cross your fingers in the comments below.

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