Monster Hunter World Players 2024

Monster Hunter World is currently enjoying one of the most popular periods of its life, despite being almost six years old. The action RPG's active player numbers have skyrocketed over the last few weeks, with sites like Steam Charts suggesting it hasn't been this huge since the release of Iceborne — the game's only expansion — in 2019. World is also posting some seriously impressive numbers on Twitch, where popular streamers are picking it up for the first time. Some streamers are even playing it all over again, years later.

Meanwhile, Capcom itself has been doing its best to push players back into the action. The publisher began a #ReturntoWorld social media campaign last month, and the game's been heavily discounted across multiple platforms. Of course, this all follows on from the reveal of Monster Hunter Wilds at The Game Awards back in December — World's successor. But with Wilds targeting a 2025 launch, it'll be interesting to see how long World's rediscovered popularity holds.

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Whatever ends up happening, it's still mad to see Monster Hunter World be revived like this — especially since it's not even the most recent Monster Hunter release (Monster Hunter Rise only released last year on PS5 and PS4, in case you forgot). There's a reason why World is Capcom's best selling game ever!

Have you been tempted by a return to Monster Hunter World? How hyped are you for Wilds? Start swinging those oversized weapons in the comments section below.

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