Vertigo Games announced during Sony's State of Play livestream it's developing a PSVR2 game that tells the origin story of the Metro franchise, named Metro Awakening. It's slated to release for the headset later this year, and you can get a first look in the trailer above.

Metro Awakening takes place before the events of Metro 2033, in 2028. "You play as Serdar, a doctor searching for his wife amongst the claustrophobic, irradiated metro tunnels of post-apocalyptic Moscow. As Serdar ventures deeper into the Metro his courage and sanity will be tested by the supernatural forces he encounters, and will set in motion the events that lead to his spiritual awakening as something else entirely..."

The game will make full use of the PSVR2 Sense controllers, utilising the adaptive triggers and headset haptics for increased immersion. "It’s nuances like these that push the level of immersion in VR even further on a visceral level." More details will be shared later in the year.