Wanted Dead Patch

Wanted: Dead, the frankly mental action game that released on PS5 and PS4 last February, is getting an update almost one whole year after its initial launch. Due to drop on the 25th January, this PS5 patch includes a number of fixes for specific issues, as well as adjustments to how an especially difficult Trophy is unlocked. The PS4 version of this update is scheduled for February.

Here are the patch notes, as per the game's official PR:


  • Implemented general stability fixes.
  • Fixed an issue where players could experience crashes while playing advanced levels of the Ramen minigame.
  • Fixed periodical stability issues related to dropping and picking up the Chainsaw.


  • “Severance Pays” Trophy/Achievement progress now cumulates across multiple saves and playthroughs.
  • Chainsaw finishers and certain wall finishers are no longer required to complete the “Severance Pays” Trophy/Achievement.
  • Previously unseen finishers now have a higher chance of being triggered, making the “Severance Pays” Trophy/Achievement much easier to obtain.

Bug Fixes and improvements

  • Implemented various collision adjustments.
  • Fixed an issue where certain cutscenes would sometimes pause at the start.

What's more, another update is planned for February, although we don't know the full scope of this one. Still, we've got a couple of key features:

  • Adding a checkpoint during the Dauer HQ Ninja fight. (Steam / PS5 / Xbox X)
  • FSR and DLSS implementation (update). Only FSR for consoles. (Steam / PS5 / Xbox X)

Have you played Wanted: Dead? Dare we ask if these patches address any issues that you've been having? Start slaughtering some cyborgs in the comments section below.