Publisher Atari has been bringing back lots of old school favourites with modernised reboots, and the latest of these is Lunar Lander: Beyond. The original arcade physics sim had you guiding a space craft to as safe and precise a landing as possible. While that looks to be the main thrust of gameplay in this up-to-date iteration, it's being embellished with some narrative to fill in the blanks.

The game is being made by Dreams Uncorporated, best known for its stylish RPG, Cris Tales. In the new trailer above, you can certainly see a little of that presentational flair here, and the greater emphasis on story also makes sense. Turning Lunar Lander into a sci-fi space opera is a fun idea, providing some context for all your excursions down to dangerous planets.

There's no firm release date yet, but it looks like this will be touching down on PS5 and PS4 sometime this year.