Station wagon survival sim Pacific Drive is making good time on the road to launch, with an ETA of 22nd February on PS5. Instead of a playlist full of classic rock anthems, we've got nine minutes of developer-led gameplay for you today to make the wait until launch goes by that little bit quicker.

Ironwood Studios' creative director, Alexander Dracott, and game director, Seth Rosen, guide us through the game's core mechanics and gameplay loop. Players will spend plenty of time in the Garage, plotting further forays into the nightmarish Olympic Exclusion Zone, gathering resources, and upgrading their vehicles in line with the threat posed by the mechanical monstrosities within.

Route selection will be crucial, as well as making appropriate repairs and resupplying where and when possible. The interactivity with the vehicle itself seems like the game's real star, though. There are just so many dials, readouts, and perils to keep track of while scavenging for supplies.

How are you feeling about Pacific Drive? Do you think you'll take it for a spin? Put the pedal to the metal and tear it off in the comments section below.