Rocket Knight Adventures: Re-Sparked PS5 PS4 PlayStation

Like a bolt from the blue, publisher Konami has revealed two intriguing retro collections in collaboration with Limited Run Games. Rocket Knight Adventures: Re-Sparked bundles together three games from the series, and Felix the Cat combines two difficult-to-come-by titles for the first time. Neither has a release date as yet.

Starting with Rocket Knight, Re-Sparked gathers together 1993's Rocket Knight Adventures and 1994's Rocket Knight Adventures 2. Sparkster, a spin-off for Super Nintendo also released in 1994, is included and features like Boss Rush and Museum modes round out the package. Preorders opened today and will remain so until 3rd March for those physically inclined, with all kinds of available collectable goodies.

Felix the Cat PS5 PS4

The other collection, called Felix the Cat, combines two hard-to-find games, both called Felix the Cat. The first was released on NES in 1992, and a year later, it came to Game Boy. Both are getting quality-of-life features like save states, and the release will likely undercut the frankly ludicrous prices both go for these days. Preorders will open on 9th February and will run through 10th March.

What do you think of Konami reaching into the back catalogue for these retro goodies? Will you be partaking in these limited physical offerings? Blast off into the comments section below.