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Fans of Guerilla's ever-growing Horizon franchise might be pleased to learn that that long-rumoured MMORPG spinoff, "Project Skyline", seems to still be in active development. They might be less thrilled to discover there's nothing to suggest it's coming to PS5 outside of being a Horizon game, expected to launch on PC and mobile in 2025 at the earliest.

That's according to video game researcher Kurakasis, who compiled a bunch of compelling tidbits and posted them to Twitter, and was subsequently picked up by Eurogamer. Kurakasis posits that the project started in 2021, using former NCSoft employees' resumes on LinkedIn and Facebook to construct a timeline and that 140 people worked on it as recently as September of 2023. Further, we get a potential name (as well as a logo), courtesy of the company's domain registration records, "Land of Salvation".

Kurakasis shows a job description highlighting the skills the company is seeking and, glaringly, indicates that the game is currently only being developed for PC and mobile. Now, that doesn't necessarily mean it won't come to PlayStation (we'd be shocked if it didn't); it's just that a port for that platform isn't something being worked on right now.

What do you think? Do you have the appetite for a massively multiplayer Horizon game, or is the series strictly single-player in your mind? Hunt down any lingering thoughts you might have on the subject, and gather them in the comments section below.

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