Akka Arrh PSVR2

Atari has announced last year's Akka Arrh from Jeff Minter will be receiving a PSVR2 port this March. The game will now play out in a 3D space rather than the 2D universe of the original version, allowing every element of the vision to come "to life with an intensity and clarity that was once unimaginable". Beyond the March 2024 release window, few other details were shared like whether it'll be a free download for current PS5 owners.

A press release mentions accessibility options for those who need them in VR, but besides that, this sounds like Akka Arrh cranked up to 11. "Enjoy Minter’s unique brand of retro-inspired bliss the way the gaming gods intended — in virtual reality! Become fully engulfed in frenzied kaleidoscopic action and pure arcade bliss."

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The PSVR2 version sounds like it'll be fairly different from the PS5 edition, but we still enjoyed the latter even on a flat screen — that bodes well for what awaits in VR. We shared praise for its fun combat, humour, and music in a 7/10 rated Akka Arrh PS5 review.