The arrival of Persona 3 Reload is right around the corner — just a few days away at the time of writing — so it makes sense that marketing is now in full swing. Over in Japan, SEGA and Atlus are pulling out all the stops, taking over an entire railway station in Shibuya.

As snapped by Genki on social media, Reload is all over:

The game's gorgeous key art is splashed about, and portraits of central characters bring lots of colour to the station. As usual with the Persona series, there's a brilliant sense of pizazz on display that'll no doubt run through the game itself.

We know it's just advertising, but when it looks this cool, we'll happily be influenced by it. On a separate note, our order for 10 copies of Persona 3 Reload will dispatch soon, so that's good news. Kidding, kidding. The game is well worth playing, though:

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