Gravity Rush's Movie Adaptation Makes a Surprise Cameo at CES 2024 1

Of all the things we expected to see during Sony’s CES 2024 presentation, Gravity Rush was probably bottom of the list. The cult cel-shaded superhero series from Japan Studio, which sees topsy-turvy protagonist Kat manipulating gravity in order to fly around its world, has been rumoured to be getting a live action adaptation for some time. And it was teased as part of a spotlight on TorchLight, a new creative suite from the Japanese manufacturer which allows filmmakers to try out new shots quickly.

The snippets of Gravity Rush look incredibly early, and they’re likely test shots designed to showcase how flexible the company’s new creative spaces can be. But the fact that it opted to spotlight the movie during a segment which also featured information on other upcoming PlayStation adaptations like God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn confirms this is a real project in the works.